The Black and White Project

Hidden hurts, unseen scars we all have them and we all cover them differently. Some of us just paint over them and hope the scab doesn’t get ripped off and then there’s a photographers way, write it on bodies and capture it. I ripped many scabs off the day I captured these and now the proper healing has begun.


Memento Mori

” All photography is Memento Mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability. Precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt. – Susuan Sontag

Since I have stopped photographing what everyone else is doing and started on my own path, I’ve had to ask myself two questions.

1. When I look back in 5,10,15, 30 years will I be proud of the mark I have left in my work?

2. Is my work going to inspiring for others?

When I answered those two questions with the work I had been doing, my answer was no. Not just a simple no, but, a duh who was I kidding, allowing myself to follow everyone else instead of leading as I’m meant to do no.  So now I’m on the road to self discovery, inspiration and leaving my mark upon the world. So I invite everyone to follow me on what is going to be a journey of a lifetime, for me anyways.   Image